Together we own and build our location brand

All of us who live and work in Gislaved Municipality and in the surrounding area are co-owners of the location brand A piece of Småland. It’s with joint efforts that we can get more people to become part of the fabric of life here. Having a stable influx of residents, visitors and investors is important for the vitality of the area and for us to be able to have a good range of things to offer and key public services. That’s why we hope you will want to be part of efforts to improve the attractiveness of our area.


Desired position:

  • Small and entrepreneurial with big dreams
  • Flexible day-to-day life with scope for outdoor activities
  • Part of the dynamic and evolving Gnosjö spirit
  • Safe
  • Open and transparent
  • Entrepreneurial in a modern way
  • Exciting brands and entrepreneurs
  • Smålandic


Examples of what you can do:

  • Help spread the image of our area
  • Talk about the area in your recruitment communications
  • Get newcomers to feel welcome
  • Help organise events
  • Contribute to development in our area and help ensure it has a good range of things to offer
  • Use your platforms to talk about Gislaved and the surrounding area
  • Convince someone you know or come into contact with to choose our area
  • Take a look at opportunities together with various social actors