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A quick and flexible partner

Enter Gislaved is a municipal enterprise, previously trading as Gislaved Näringsliv Aktiebolag. Our mission is to boost the competitiveness of retail, tourism and industry in Gislaved Municipality and the Gnosjö region. We exist to help you start a company, expand your operation or to establish an existing business in Gislaved Municipality.

How do you cultivate a climate of competitiveness and increase the attractiveness of industry, tourism, retail and property? We believe that this is about setting quality and not quantity as our objective. We are also certain that the development of companies and people forms the basis of our social welfare. To do this we need to create the fundamentals and conditions necessary for people and companies.

Our expertise, and understanding of local and regional issues, means that we can make a big difference both for existing and new actors. At Enter we know the help available in dealing with land issues if you need to build a facility; the easiest way to start a business; and the local authority’s decision-making process. We keep track of the best locations for retail outlets; the networks that you can make use of; and where to find people with the right skills. In addition, we work with training organisations and schools, and we promote a number of projects that advance the fields of industry, retail and tourism.

By being a quick and flexible partner, we can help you grow, find employees, invest and establish your business in Gislaved and the Gnosjö region. We can act as a springboard for local entrepreneurs and provide support for international actors. We are a link between the municipality, agencies, universities and business. We have the right contacts and insights to help you succeed.


Contact us

Stortorget 2
332 30 Gislaved