The switch to fossil-free vehicles is underway at an international level. New technologies are replacing old ones and a form of industrial renewal is taking place in the transport sector. To meet the demands of a fossil-free future we are creating a demonstration space, a testbed where specialists, researchers, companies and suppliers can develop fossil-free vehicles, infrastructure, energy sources etc.


The section of line between Halmstad and Nässjö is an important link for both passenger services and freight transport. One criterion for the continued development of trade and industry is access to efficient and environmentally sound transport. Enter is promoting the development of the HNJ line together with local business and Gislaved Municipality.

Fegen Inspiration Area

The Fegen Inspiration Area, also known as FIA, is a partnership between the Gislaved, Svenljunga and Falkenberg municipalities.
FIA is working on the development of hiking paths, canoeing routes and entrepreneurship in the area.

The Destination Site project: Fegen Inspiration Area

Falkenberg, Svenljunga and Gislaved are collaborating on plans for the Fegen area, which is an attractive region with development potential for tourism. The FIA working party aims to develop the area as a long-term sustainable tourist destination. Though the Rural Development Programme the FIA has applied for project funding for a destination site that will promote activities and entrepreneurs in the area to visitors. The Fegen Inspiration Area Destination Site project is an investment that aims to further develop and modernise the existing destination site. The target audience is inquisitive explorers who love nature. The objective is to increase the number of camping coupons sold through the destination site; to promote the tourism products offered/highlighted on it; and to increase traffic to the site.