Tourists from far and wide

Gislaved Municipality is a very popular tourist destination with attractions such as the Isaberg Mountain Resort, Scandinavian Raceway and High Chaparral. Most tourists come from Sweden, but Danish, German, Dutch and English can also be heard on the ski slopes, canoes and on horseback. In 2017, Gislaved Municipality had approximately 250,000 guest nights, of which 127,112 were commercial overnight stays, an increase of 3.9% from 2015 for Jönköping County. With an increasing interest in adventure and nature, as well as many attractive tourist destinations for summer and winter activities, the opportunities for startups are great.


Visitors 2019

Fegens turistbyrå: 4 392
High Chaparral: 160 000
Isaberg Mountain: 250 000
Scandinavian Raceway: 20 000
Store Mosse Nationalpark: 130 000