Opportunities for successful industries an companies

We would like to see even more companies establish themselves in Gislaved. The opportunities and fundamentals for successful companies can be found here. Gislaved and the Gnosjö region offer an environment in which entrepreneurs, municipalities and residents work together to foster flourishing commercial activity and the development of the area.

At Enter we keep track of everything that your business needs to know, and can provide support in establishing your company here. Should you need land on which to build a facility, or need housing for your employees, we have our finger on the pulse of the municipality and region. We can also help in finding useful contacts and potential partners – you may want to start production but need to collaborate with other manufacturers. Things for which we have a passion and experience.

Today Gislaved Municipality has just over 3,500 companies, many of them in manufacturing. Sectors with influential companies include plastics, metal and wood processing. The ambition of these sectors is to create national platforms for research and development in the areas of materials, automation, AI and AR. Significant resources are also being invested in the development of commerce, infrastructure and logistics to create the best conditions for the establishment of existing businesses and startups. Because we have the space, and the demand for new industries.

Let us help you establish your business.

To find available sites in Gislaved Municipality, please visit the Business Sweden Site finder and select Gislaved as the municipality in the selection box on the left.