Female leadership

A survey conducted by Almi shows that our county ranks last in Sweden in terms of women’s representation on boards, both as chair and board member. Through an initiative from Vetlanda and Sävsjö municipalities, we’re now working throughout the county to strengthen the position of women in leadership roles within our businesses.
The target group for the network, Women Leading (Kvinnor Leder), is owners and CEOs from businesses of various sizes and in various sectors. What they have in common is that they have a desire to evolve both as leaders and as businesses. All participants have conducted a ground-zero analysis together with Almi and the results from these form the basis for the content of the network meetings. The network meets six times a year. Four of these meetings are held in the counties and two locally in the Gnosjö region.

In December 2022, we started another network, Women Leading Growth Potential (Kvinnor Leder Växtkraft), with the same structure but where the target group is women in leading roles with a desire to evolve, both as individuals and in their professional roles. The network meets approximately four times a year and the topics for the meetings are based on the needs that emerged in the ground-zero analyses.

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