Industry in our municipality is spread over several sectors of varying sizes. To support industry and its stable development, we at Enter have a broad network of contacts in several areas to further support development. We’re happy to act as a sounding board for you to find the right answers in matters relating to digitalisation, business development, skills, networks, establishment, logistics and sustainability, or we can just have a conversation and see where it leads. We know that there’s a lot to juggle as an entrepreneur or manufacturer, and we’re happy to juggle with you. We can look at important issues and current social challenges that might be affecting your business and process them in networks, via projects or one-off events. Through various projects that our partners start up and we participate in – and sometimes even run – we’ll probably contact you and ask if you want to participate. Sometimes it’s about your business’ digital maturity or logistical challenges which involve switching from road to rail, sometimes it’s about skills via SKAL, and sometimes it might be about a network that we think you could contribute to or benefit from.

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