Living i Gislaved

Imagine your business mecca in the middle of deepest Småland, among rustling fir trees and glistening water. A place where we all know each other, where everyone is helpful and supportive, and where you always have nature close to home. It’s close to work, school and leisure time filled with everything from outdoor pursuits to racing and inspiring cultural experiences. Here, it’s so easy to put the pieces of the puzzle of life together and find time for what’s really important in life and for everything you dream of.

Imagine being able to relax after work by going on long forest walks, a quiet fishing trip on one of our 388 lakes, or whizzing along the mountain bike trails on Isaberg. To feel the hairs stand up on the back of your neck as our own symphony orchestra strikes the first notes at a concert. Or to feel your heart skip a beat on the speedway track when the Lions give us an exciting home game or when the Scandinavian Raceway kicks off. In our part of Småland, we’re know for our active lifestyles and our can-do attitude. Here you become part of a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a level of motivation that has characterised our region for decades.

Gislaved is at the heart of a region with eight towns. It’s a place where we live life close to everything which is important, and where entrepreneurship is part of our DNA. A place where you can find your dream home.

Our eight towns

Gislaved is the central town in the municipality and has about 11 300 inhabitants (2022 city + country side). Here we have an F-9 primary school, upper secondary school, post-secondary education and several preschools. There’s a lively town centre with a wide selection of shops, where you can find most of what you need. You’ll also find several larger grocery shops, both in the town centre and in the Smålandia retail area. We also have a wide range of leisure facilities.

Anderstorp is the second largest town in the municipality with about 5 300 inhabitants (2022) in city and country area. It has an F-9 primary school, several preschools, a swimming pool, a sports hall and a tennis hall. In the town centre there are several grocery shops and specialist shops such as bookshops, shoe shops, beauty parlours, electronics shops, interior design specialists, work clothing stores, and florists. Illuminated trails and swimming areas are within walking and cycling distance. The Scandinavian Raceway is also located here, adjacent to the motor sports vocational college.

Reftele city and country area has 2 950 inhabitants (2022) and boasts preschools and an F-9 primary school. In the town centre you can find a grocery shop and a couple of specialist shops. It’s located close to nature and borders the agricultural landscape in the southern parts of the municipality. Just outside the community is the centre for natural resources management Stora Segerstad Naturbrukcentrum offering upper secondary education courses in agriculture, forestry and nature tourism, to name a few. Reftele also has illuminated trails and rail connections to Halmstad and Värnamo-Nässjö.

Smålandsstenar with 4 500 inhabitants (2022) has several preschools and an F-9 primary school. There are several grocery shops and specialist shops in the town centre. It also boasts a heated outdoor pool in summer, skate park and plenty of sports opportunities. There’s also a train station with rail connections to Värnamo-Nässjö and Halmstad.

Hestra city and country side has about 2 000  inhabitants (2022). It has preschools and an F-6 primary school, a grocery shop and a few specialist shops. It’s close to nature with both a swimming area and Isaberg’s leisure area in close proximity. There’s also a train station on the coast-to-coast railway line.

Burseryd with around 1 540 inhabitants in city and country area (2022), has an F-6 primary school and preschool. It has a grocery shop and some specialist shops. It boasts active leisure facilities with illuminated trails, a multi-facility hall, a tennis court and a sports field. The Bokskogen dance floor, which has existed since the 1930s, is also located here.

Broaryd is a small town in the southwestern part of the municipality with 915 inhabitants (2022 city + country area). It has an F-6 primary school, a preschool and a tennis court, as well as illuminated trails. In Broaryd there’s also a small self-service grocery shop.

Skeppshult is a small town with roughly 380 inhabitants (2020) which has a preschool and an F-6 primary school. Here you can live close to the countryside. Skeppshult is close to Smålandsstenar, which is where you’ll find grocery shops and services. Skeppshult is also known for the Skeppshult cycle and the Skeppshult foundry.