Take the plunge, set up your own business

Starting their own business is the best decision many people have made. At the same time, some people are hesitant. You have to have so much more than just a good business idea. Relax, at Enter we can help you with many of your questions.

In partnership with Science Park we offer free advice to people who want to start their own business. Entrepreneurs with a business idea, or developing small and medium-sized enterprises are welcome to get in touch. Through our network we can help with everything from finding the right location for your shop, or land for an industrial facility, to refining a business plan, drawing up a budget or finding funding.

We can offer operational support in the form of qualified consultancy, skills enhancement and guidance. Through Science Park we can also sign growth agreements with entrepreneurs who want to expand and have a sustainable idea, providing in-depth business development support.

At Enter, we can also arrange joint activities such as training, meetings and webinars, suitable for anyone developing a business concept or with a general interest in business. So, don’t hesitate, take the plunge.