Everything is close in Gislaved municipality. It’s close to nature, peace and quiet. And also close to the arts, culture, sports and a wealth of leisure activities. There are just as many opportunities for leisure activities in the great outdoors as there are for exciting art exhibitions, concerts or action-packed sports events. In our municipality you can choose how and where you want to live – in the city or in the countryside, in an apartment or in a house. There is plenty of opportunity to find your dream home in Gislaved municipality.

Various living environment

A little under 20 per cent of the municipality’s inhabitants live in rural areas; the remainder live in the eight urban areas that offer many different housing alternatives. You can purchase or rent accommodation, and there are vacant plots for those who want to build their own houses. There is senior living accommodation in most areas in the municipality.

Find out more about the municipality’s eight urban areas and surrounding countryside; Gislaved, Anderstorp, Smålandsstenar, Hestra, Reftele, Burseryd, Skeppshult and Broaryd.

Today there are 26 inhabitants per square kilometre in Gislaved municipality, so there’s room for many more. Come and explore Gislaved municipality!