Anderstorp, which is the second largest town in the municipality, enjoys great business density. With just under 5,000 inhabitants, Anderstorp is the perfect place for families. There are many residential areas and a number of schools. The shops are in the centre of town, around Storgatan. They include grocery stores, restaurants, pizza parlours and cafés. Bathing and the countryside are within walking and cycling distance.


In Anderstorp you can live in the country but still be close to the centre of town. There are plenty of residential districts of varying character. The majority of the houses were built between the 60s and the 80s, but there are also more modern areas and vacant building lots for people wishing to build their own homes. Many housing areas are surrounded by green space and have limited through traffic, which makes for a more pleasant living environment. Anderstorp also has plenty of rental apartments and housing cooperatives.


In addition to its proximity to swimming, fishing and the countryside, there are sports halls, football fields, illuminated jogging trails, gyms, indoor pools and many different associations covering a range of activities. The library attracts readers of various ages, and performances of various kind are arranged for theatre buffs. There are playgrounds for children of all ages at several places in the community.


Anderstorp has a number of preschools for children in the ages 1 to 5; there are two primary schools and a senior high school. There is a motor sports vocational college at Anderstorp Raceway.


There are excellent bus connections to other parts of Gislaved  municipality, and to Gnosjö and Värnamo. In addition to cycle tracks within the community there are asphalted cycle tracks to Gislaved and Gnosjö.


There are many lakes in the Anderstorp fishery conservation area. There are plenty of bream and also perch, pike, roach and eel. There is summertime swimming in the municipal baths, or you can skip the lakes and play mini golf in central Anderstorp.

North-west of Anderstorp is one of Sweden’s biggest and most ecologically important swamps – the Great Anderstorp Bog. The nature reserve covers almost 2,000 hectares and enjoys a rich bird life that includes many nesting waders. There is old-growth coniferous forest on many of the swamp’s islands, and dwarf birch grows in the bog itself.

Anderstorp gained both national and international renown thanks to Scandinavian Raceway, which was an active Formula 1 track from the the 70s to the 90s.