Reftele is located in the middle of an open agricultural landscape close to Lake Bolmen and the Draven nature conservation area with its rich bird life. The area around Reftele is the part of the municipality most suited for agriculture; it is the parish with the highest density of cows in the county.


Reftele has a number of residential areas and vacant building lots for people wishing to build their own homes. There are also a number of rental apartments, many with their own patios.


In addition to its proximity to swimming, fishing and the countryside there is a sports hall, a football field, illuminated jogging trail, tennis courts and associations covering a variety of activities.

The library attracts readers of different ages, and for people who enjoy outdoor activities, there is a picturesque jogging trail at Rönneljung.

Reftele Golf Club has an 18-hole course just outside of Reftele.


Reftele has preschools for children in the ages 1 to 5 and a school for grades 1 through 9. Stora Segerstad agricultural vocational college is located in the countryside just outside of Reftele.


Trains from Halmstad and Nässjö stop in Reftele as do buses from Gislaved, Värnamo and Smålandsstenar.


Lake Draven was lowered in the 19th century and in the beginning of the 20th century in order to create more arable land The water level in the lake has since been raised, and today it’s the municipality’s best bird habitat with plenty of nesting waders and ducks. The nature conservation area has marked trails, viewing areas, birdwatching towers and hides.

Brödrahalla, which has been identified as Västbo Hundred’s ancient district court, is located in a birch meadow. Several stones from different epochs have been raised on the site, including a rune stone from the 10th or 11th century.

Ölmestad museum is located in Ölmestad’s old school. It was built in 1926 and was used as an elementary school and secondary school until the 60s, when the new school was built in Reftele. Today, it is a combined educational and industrial museum.

Stora Segerstad is located just outside of Reftele. It is a youth hostel in the summer and an agricultural vocational college for the rest of the year. A major Christmas market organized is arranged every year.

The Bolmen area

Lake Bolmen, Sweden’s tenth largest, is located in the south-east part of the municipality. The area around the lake is an agricultural landscape with a number of villages, isolated farms, single-family homes and summer cottages. It is an area in the peaceful heart of the countryside.

Bolmen is often called the Gislaved Riviera. It offers good fishing and various water sports such as canoeing and waterskiing.

Ås, close to Bolmen, has a preschool for children in the ages 1 to 5 and a primary school.