The mix of companies and products provides a wide range of job opportunities in our municipality, within industry and the service, retail forestry and agricultural sectors. Qualified jobs are available within areas like material and process development, construction and design.

University graduates constitute a large number of immigrants to Sweden. At Information Sweden you get a short description of different educational paths to graduate careers. And how to proceed in order to have your professional competence assessed.

Industries under development

There is a growing tourist industry in the area with various national and local development projects in progress. The goal for Gislaved municipality is to double its tourist turnover by 2020. Environmental technology and water treatment are industries with major growth potential, in light of future demands and challenges for sustainable growth.

Retail is another developing area. There is land and property avail­able within the municipality, for wholesale, retail and e-commerce.

Both the construction and the logistics industries are growing fast in the region, as are IT, financial services, advertising and marketing.

Future need for workers

In Sweden, to put it simply, there are two labour markets; the business sector and the public sector. The business sector consists of private companies. The public sector comprises municipalities, regions and the armed forces sector for example. The municipalities are responsible for public services such as schools, sanitation, some health care, elderly care, emergency services, roads and parks, recreational facilities and cultural events. The regions are responsible for health care and public transport.

The business sector in the region surrounding Gislaved are in need of manpower from for example the following occupational groups:

  • Welders, edge press operators, toolmakers and CNC operators
  • Engineers in all sectors (especially Electrical Power)
  • Painters and skilled employees for the woodworking industry
  • Designers with experience from the plastics, rubber or metal industries
  • IT-developers
  • Craftsmen
  • Experienced sales persons
  • Sheet-metal workers in building and construction


Gislaved municipality is the largest employer in our municipality and a wide range of different professions are represented. Ongoing and upcoming retirements mean that there is a growing need for professionals such as nurses, teachers, engineers within property and technical administration, preschool teachers, part-time firemen, quantity surveyors and structural engineers.