We make good
business even better

Where are the best locations for retail, who is the property owner, what is the customer base like, and are there any establishments, infrastructure changes or construction planned for the future that might affect retail? We work on these, and many other similar issues on a daily basis.

We are a resource not only for retail businesses that are already established but also for those that are looking to start up a new business. At Enter, we are
equally happy to work on business development for well-known chains as
digitalization and e-commerce for small boutiques with a unique range.

Come to us with questions and ideas about everything that concerns retail and shopping – whether online or in a physical store. We can provide useful figures for major international operators to make the right decision about establishment, while helping the inexperienced entrepreneur with advice on business issues through, for instance, Science Park. Our strength is our extensive experience of both the municipality’s case management and working methods, as well as business needs and processes.
Do not hesitate to use Enter’s skills and knowledge.

Did you know that we…

… initiate and manage projects in the development of the region’s retail and shopping industy
… help find the right location for shops through good connections with property owners and other stakeholders
… offer training courses ranging from e-commerce to new regulations for cash management systems