Grönhult – wind turbines

It has been decided that 13 new wind turbines will be built in the municipal territories of Tranemo and Gislaved, more specifically in the area of Grönhult.
The construction of wind turbines requires a lot of materials, many hours of labour and a lot of expertise. Local industry now has the chance to be part of this construction project by offering their services in a portal. Vattenfall, which is responsible for the construction project, will procure a recommended main contractor to use the portal to find various types of subcontractors. This can be anything from technical services and consultants, construction services, material supply, hairdressers, conference rooms, gyms, catering etc. Vindkraftcentrum is providing the portal where you, as an operator, fill in information about what services your company can offer.

An initial meeting about this was organised in September in Anderstorp and Tranemo. Vattenfall and Vindkraftcentrum will schedule several information meetings about this for autumn 2020. The wind turbine construction project is scheduled to start in early 2021 and should be finished by 2022.

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