Inkomst 4.0

Inkomst 4.0 is a digitalisation project at Almi Jönköping. The project helps Swedish industry to synchronise with today’s digital world, so that Sweden will be a force to reckon with as early as tomorrow. By taking concrete digital steps now, we can make the leap towards self-governing and smart factories later.

Inkomst 4.0 creates an arena where buyers, suppliers and service providers sit at the same table. The purpose is to improve conditions regarding administrative digitalisation. Together with select companies from Jönköping County, the project has embarked on an exciting journey. All companies have a proactive approach to the ongoing digitalisation of Swedish industry. The aim is to find a method to make digitalisation as efficient as possible. The intention is that these companies will then be good examples which can inspire other companies to embark on their digitalisation journey.

Companies participating in the project are: Stoereyd, Qtech Group. Hordagruppen, Holsby metall, Werinova

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