SPD – Sustainable Product Development

Smålands Turism was granted funding by The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth to carry out development work in Jönköping County and to develop sustainable natural heritage and cultural experiences for export. The project is a four-year project which was started in 2016 and runs until autumn 2019. Based on Jönköping County’s unique natural and cultural values, the project will collaborate with companies in the region, specialists from the hospitality industry, the public sector, non-profit organisations and researchers to initiate and guarantee strategic development work for a sustainable hospitality industry.
In three designated pilot areas, an international, competitive product range comprising comprehensive provision of accommodation, meals, transport, activities/experiences, guides, services and local products will be developed.

These areas are;

  • The East Vättern Scarp Landscape with Gränna-Visingsö in Jönköping Municipality
  • The area around Lake Skirö in Vetlanda Municipality
  • The Isaberg area and Store Mosse National Park in Gislaved and Värnamo Municipalities
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