You can buy “everything” in our municipality! We’re very proud of that at Enter. Retail and services are important and necessary parts of society. They create meeting places and workplaces, and generate attractiveness. At Enter, we exist to develop your position in your market as a retailer. This may relate to various partnerships with other merchants, skills development for staff or future employees, or you may be ready to venture into the world of e-commerce or just want to improve your shop’s social media presence. With our partners, we have the tools to help you. And if you want to open a new shop, we’ll be happy to help you with business development and finding the best premises for your idea. We co-operate with property owners and are happy to help spread the word about vacant premises for new customers to use. We create networks across industries to raise awareness of important issues relating to your operations. We’re convinced that together we can and want to lift retail in the municipality to new heights.

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