SKAL stands for samverkan skola arbetsliv (Co-operation, School, Working Life) in Gislaved Municipality. The purpose of SKAL is to ensure the future supply of skills by creating informative encounters between students and our business community at an early stage. Through structured and recurring meetings, the students learn about different professional roles and what they involve, while employers can influence the students early on and showcase their businesses as potential future workplaces. Becoming a SKAL business requires commitment and creativity, the visits take place at the business premises, school or other interesting venue which creates value. Before the visits start, the employer and the school will have had a meeting and drawn up a three-year plan that works for everyone involved. It’s then just a matter of getting started. SKAL facilitates meetings between all companies in all industries in Gislaved Municipality and students from pre-school to grade 9 in primary school.

As a business company, we are passionate about cooperation between school and business. That is why we initiated the work with SKAL a few years ago. Today, our role is to support the school and staff in the selection of which companies should be connected to SKAL, but also other questions that the operationally responsible for SKAL may have and want our help with.


Do you want to become a SKAL company? If so, contact Mats Hammarlund by phone at 0738-20 02 93 or