Take the plunge, start your own business

Starting your own business is the best thing that many have done. At the same time, some also hesitate a bit. There’s so much that you need to know, and you need more than just a good business idea. But don’t worry. At Enter we’ll help you overcome any doubts.

In collaboration with Science Park, we offer free advice to those who want to start their own business. All entrepreneurs with business ideas or small and medium-sized companies in the development stages are welcome to get in touch with us. We also work with the organisation Företagarna, and for those who take the step and start a business of their own, a free one-year subscription to Företagarna is included. On top of that, our network is at your disposal and we can help you with everything, including finding the right location for your shop or land for establishing your new industry, refining your business plan and budget, and finding financing.

We offer operational support in the form of qualified advice, skills development and guidance. For entrepreneurs who aspire to grow and have viable ideas, through Science Park we can also sign growth agreements, which give you enhanced business development support.

At Enter, we also arrange joint activities such as training, meetings and webinars, which are particularly suitable for those who are developing a business idea or have a general interest in business. So, don’t hesitate, just take the plunge.


We help new entrepreneurs with:

  • Free coaching as well as models and tools for faster and better business start-up.
  • Discounts and free offers on accounting software, accounting, legal advice, insurance, etc.
  • Expert help in a variety of fields.
  • An analogue and digital community filled with knowledge and inspiration in the form of events.
  • Programmes/courses and people who could be your future team members or customers.
  • And advice on where to find funding.
  • Kunskap om var du kan hitta finansiering.


From idea to business concept in three steps

Sometimes the road from idea to a profitable business can feel long and winding. However, at Science Park we can help you at every step and make the journey easy and enjoyable


Get started with your idea

Do you have an idea that you’d like to develop? Meet us for
free advice on how to proceed

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Develop your business idea

How are you going to make money from your business idea? We’ll help you
set up the business model and find the team and funding.

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Register your business

Is it time to register a company and get your business
going? Do you have any questions about practical matters?
We have the answers.

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We know the time is just right to turn your idea into reality. We also know that you can achieve more than you think.
Take the plunge – start your own business.