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The Gnosjö region is known for high-tech industrial production with short lead times from idea to batch production. The success factors behind this include high corporate density, great specialist knowledge and courteous collaboration. Factors we make every effort to support in their development.
It can be anything from running development projects and test beds to keeping our ear to the ground in relation to technical and business developments in
different industries. What is happening, for example, with Industry 4.0 and what can we do to keep our region at the forefront? Of which international projects and partnerships should we be a part? And how can we, through cooperation with the municipality’s schools, create the right skills and increase interest in all the different professions in industry?
We also care a lot about our entrepreneurs. We provide anyone with a good business idea with free business consulting advice from a personal business developer. Close collaboration with Science Park and other stakeholders, enables us to help with everything from business plans to growth agreements for further business development support.

This is just a part of all that we do. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.


… connect people, businesses and organizations
… offer new places for personnel from different companies to meet and greet
… market your company in meetings, networks and collaborations