Within Teknikcollege, the companies collaborate with the school to provide students with a realistic education, which ensures that they acquire knowledge that contains what the companies need. The companies give the students the opportunity to work with the latest technology and make studying exciting and developing.

As a collaborative company within Teknikcollege, you get the opportunity to influence education so that it meets the companies’ future needs for competence. Västra Småland is a collaboration between business, education and the municipality of Gislaved, Gnosjö, Värnamo and Svenljunga municipality (Västra Götaland region).

As a business company, we would like to see more children and young people choose educations that match the needs of business, in our region technical professional roles are very much in demand and therefore we are happy to have Teknikcollege represented in our schools. We are also represented in Teknikcollege’s regional steering group, where together with regional companies we paint with the big brushstrokes for the development of activities to attract more students to choose technology-oriented educations.

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