In UngDrive Academy, you who are 15-18 years old get help with starting your own business and earning your own money during the summer holidays.

UngDrive is Sweden’s easiest and funniest way to try starting your own business, where you get business training and support in reaching the goals you set, regardless of whether it’s to earn as much money as possible, to make a difference in developing countries or to become the next global IT startup.

As a business company, we support UngDrive in their work with summer entrepreneurship. Together with UngDrive and the Business Council, we have also made it possible for two stations at junior high schools in Anderstorp and Reftele. Stations that can be used by students to learn more about entrepreneurship, get inspired and sign up for start-up courses for young entrepreneurs. In September 2023, we will also collaborate with UngDrive where we will conduct the UngDrive SM competition at the companies in Smålandsstenar.

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