An attractive trade and industry

How is competitiveness and attractiveness developed for trade and industry, tourism, the market and property owners? We believe that it’s about putting quality before quantity as a goal. We also believe that the development of companies and jobs constitute the foundation of our welfare. It is about creating the best conditions for people and businesses.

With the overall expertise and knowledge we have in local as well as regional issues, we can make a difference for existing and future enterprises. We know the best locations for retail, which networks you can benefit from and where you will find the right skills and expertise. In addition, we collaborate with the education system and schools as well as participate in a variety of projects to develop business, the market and tourism.

As a fast and flexible partner, we make it easier for you to grow, hire, invest or establish your business in Gislaved municipality and the Gnosjö Region. We are the launchpad for local entrepreneurs and a support function for international actors. We are the link between municipality, government, colleges and business. We have the right connections and knowledge to help you succeed.

In short, we are Enter Gislaved.

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