All companies are important to us. However, we have a special relationship with companies under foreign ownership. It is vital that the companies are successful and strong in their respective groups. That is why we are particularly keen to listen to special requirements and to be able to contribute to the companies’ strong anchoring in the district. We work with a special program called Expansion which enables us to do this. We want to ensure the positive development of companies under foreign ownership in our municipality.


Logistics and transport are an important area for the competitiveness of industry. At the same time, meeting the zero emissions target is a tough challenge. In our municipality and in Jönköping County, a very large number of transport operations take place daily. We are involved in the Faster project to accelerate the transformation of infrastructure for fossil-free transport in Jönköping County. This means we want to see a wide range of filling stations, fuel and charging points in our municipality for the benefit of industry and with a sustainable profile.

Vätgas Sverige

Enter Gislaved AB is committed to the development of renewable energies. We do this with a focus on the role of industry as subcontractors and business partners. Energy and, in particular, renewable, green energy is an important parameter in community development. That is why we are monitoring the possibilities of hydrogen particularly carefully and participating in several collaborations and projects for renewable energy, solar cells, batteries and hydrogen.


Enter Gislaved AB is implementing a new digitalisation project in partnership with MasterCard Sverige. We are promoting the use of digital technology in three separate projects to increase availability, service and quality for visitors and residents in Gislaved Municipality. This is a pilot project which we will be able to develop in several areas and involves the digital keys to a number of municipal services.

Smålandsstenar logistic hub

A future transhipment hub in Smålandsstenar. Enter is promoting a siding from the Halmstad-Nässjö line, with a terminal area for transhipment between the rail network and the heavy goods transport that uses routes 26 and 153. This project plays a key role in the entire region and is taking place through dialogue with business, neighbouring municipalities and with Halland Ports.

Smålands sjörike

The Kingdom of Lakes is an area with more lakes than anywhere else in the Småland province of Sweden. With over a thousand lakes and watercourses, the area’s attractions include plentiful opportunities for swimming, fishing and water sports. These waters are home to 20 different species of fish including pike, zander and perch. Bolmen, Sweden’s tenth largest lake, has 365 islands, of which Bolmsö is the largest.

The Kingdom of Lakes is made up of the four municipalities of Gislaved, Hylte, Ljungby and Värnamo. We are currently working to develop a regional cycle route and promoting entrepreneurship around Lake Bolmen.