Broaryd is a small rural community. It is a picturesque industrial and residential town located in a landscape rich in natural and cultural treasures. The town is valued by its residents as a quiet, safe place to live. Thanks to its many residential gardens and closeness to nature, the town is regarded as green and leafy. Broaryd is a close-knit, harmonious community where house prices are low. Broaryd Is located in the south-west corner of the municipality, close to Halland and the west coast.


The town has a number of residential areas and vacant building lots for people wishing to build their own homes. There are also a number of rental apartments, many with their own patios.


In addition to its proximity to swimming, fishing and the countryside, there is a football field, illuminated jogging trail, a tennis court and associations covering a variety of activities. The library attracts readers of different ages, and school facilities are also used for other activities such as shooting and gymnastics. There is an excellent asphalted footpath along the banks of Lake Hestra.


Broaryd has a preschool for children in the ages 1 to 5 and a primary school.


There are bus connections to other parts of Gislaved municipality and the surrounding municipalities.


The area around Broaryd is rich in natural and cultural treasures. The invention of the mechanical stone picker (Jätten) in the beginning of the 20th century eliminated the gruelling work of removing heavy rocks from the soil by hand. Today there are two such stone pickers in Broaryd; one is in the town square and the other in the community centre park. There are a number of 18th-century buildings in the park, where community singing takes place and coffee is served from time to time.

The local arts and crafts museum is on the school’s premises. The museum exhibits more than 700 ancient objects used in farming households of old.

There is a stone sundial in the meadow at the rectory. It was built in 1741 by Dean Samuel Elmgren and is the only one of its kind in the municipality.