Hestra is an industrial community in the northern part of Gislaved  municipality with good rail and bus communications. It is best known for being neighbour to Isaberg. Isaberg is a conservation area that makes every kind of outdoor activity possible. It’s golf course is just a stone’s throw away in a beautiful vintage industrial environment. Hestra SSK sports association enjoys a prominent position in the little community and contributes to the excellent harmony in the town.


Hestra has a number of residential areas and vacant building lots for people wishing to build their own homes. There are also a number of rental apartments, many with their own patios.


In addition to its proximity to swimming, fishing and the countryside there is a sports hall, a football field, illuminated jogging trail, tennis courts and associations covering a variety of activities. The library attracts readers of different ages and Agnsjön – located in the centre of the community – provides beautiful views for residents and exercise opportunities on the trail around the lake.


Hestra has a preschool for children in the ages 1 to 5 and a primary school.


Because the coast-to-coast rail route stops in Hestra, there are excellent means for commuting to work or the shops in any of the surrounding towns. Gislaved and Jönköping can be reached easily by bus.


Beside the jogging trail by Kroksjön lake just outside of town, are relics from ancient forestry works such as the remains of a charcoaler’s hut.

The town square is home to the sculpture called “The Meeting Place”. It is a grouping of stones gathered from such places as Isaberg and the old loading quay.

There are several conservation areas in Hestra’s surroundings. Ettö – which is located by the River Nissan – has a beautiful, open landscape with enclosed pastures, riverbanks and meadows.

Öreryd, Stengårdshult and Valdshult

The area to the north of Hestra which includes the parishes Öreryd, Stengårdshult and Valdshult is called ‘The Top of Gislaved’. It is sparsely populated, rolling countryside reminiscent of wilderness. Historically, forestry was predominant as the conditions for agriculture were not favourable. There are things to do all year round – there is a riding school, scouts, hunting and fishery conservation activities, local folklore societies, householders associations, church activities, amateur dramatic societies and choirs.

Öreryd has a preschool for children in the ages 1 to 5 and a primary school.


Isaberg is a bedrock hill in the Nissan River valley. The peak rises 309 meters above sea level and the predominant habitat is coniferous forest. There are amazing views from the peak stretching across miles of the Nissan valley and a landscape rich in lakes. Isaberg has been a protected nature conservation area since 1968. The area enjoys several marked hiking trails, some of which carry on far beyond the reservation.

Isaberg Mountain Resort

Isaberg Mountain Resort is a family-friendly sports and leisure installation that is mostly all about skiing during the winter, both overland and downhill. There is a range of other activities during the summer, such as mountain biking, adventure playgrounds, a high rope course, canoeing and hiking. 2019 the Rodel Adventure opened.